Tailor-made solutions to automate the analysis of your Biological Data

BiologIA  :

You are a Medtech, a Biotech, a Pharmaceutical Industry or a CRO and you wish to:

  • speed up the analysis of biological samples

  • optimize gain of productivity

  • reduce costs of analysis

  • maximize accuracy of results

  • identify biomarkers for diagnostics


BiologIA is the solution proposed by CYBERnano to develop tailor-made SaaS platforms & dedicated software to automate the analysis of your biological data. BiologIA relies on a complete algorithmic toolbox developed by our Data Scientists.

EasyBeat Suite

EasyBeat Suite is an example of data analysis solution developed by CYBERNANO. EasyBeat is a complete suite for a high performance analysis of cardiomyocyte signals and a more accurate characterization. It also allows to CRO to speed up their ICH S7B studies by computing several key activity features such as:

  • Frequency (BPM)

  • Amplitude

  • Beating Irregularity index

  • Field Potential Duration