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Make it Safer with i-Cardio

Divide by 10 the analysis time of your cardiomyocytes signals...

i-Cardio :

i-Cardio allows you to quickly detect relevant events in your cardiomyocytes responses. 5 time-characteristics (IFACS): Irregularity, Frequency, Amplitude, Cytotoxicity & Shape are provided in a interactive report you can communicate and read on any web browser.

i-Cardio+ :

i-Cardio+ allows you to efficiently discriminate and classify your cardiomyocytes responses when you need to compare the action profile of your candidate drugs in screening studies.

i-CardioRD :

i-CardioRD is a tailored service devoted to researchers who need to solve with high performance cardio-safety questions such as the Comprehensive in vitro Proarrhythmia Assay (CiPA) initiative. 

i-Cardio Premium
Analyze your cardiomyocyte impedance responses
Alanyze your field potential signals
Detect variations of beating rate
Detect variations of amplitude
Identify beating irregularities
Measure changes of beating shapes
Analyze cardiomyocyte proliferation
Download a fully interactive report
Compare global statistics
Classify compounds responses
R&D Development
Tailored routines for Cardio safety
i-Cardio+ Premium
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