Cybernano actively participates to the Fondation MAIF project « Fall Risk Assessment Tool » in partnership with the laboratory DevAH (Développement, Adaptation et Handicap) from the Université de Lorraine. 

In the simplest configuration of the new fall risk assessment test, each patient has only one inertial motion unit (developed by Mbientlab). This mini wireless sensor provides 9 signals analyzed by algorithms developed by Cybernano to extract numerical biomarkers able to better prevent risks and classify patient profiles.

Cybernano also brings its expertise in SaaS (Software as a Service) platform development in this project. The latter embeds learning algorithms which analyses IMU data for monitoring and diagnostic applications.

Perspectives: Cybernano is developing new algorithms to extend the health application of this project.

Reference: Mathieu Milhem, Thierry Bastogne and Fabien Clanché, Comparative Analysis of Matrix Factorization Based Classification Techniques. Application to the Timed-Up and Go test in Risk Falling Assessment, submitted to the 42th international conference IEEE EMBC, Montreal, July 2020.