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Undertaking the marketing of innovative products is a risky process. Many failures are the result of companies' inability to deal with uncertainties and bear their consequences. These uncertainties can be technological, regulatory, political, market, reputational, organizational and resources. A key question is how to identify, assess and reduce these risks as early as possible.

To anticipate technological risks, CYBERNANO has developed easyQBD, a SaaS platform facilitating the implementation of Quality by Design: a good development practice that minimizes development delays, optimizes manufacturing quality and accelerates regulatory approval. Our mission is to support you in the development of your innovative technologies thanks to an earlier and more precise assessment of technological risks.

  • Our Mission:  Contract Research Organization in Biostatistics for Risk Assessment and Quality Optimization
  • Our Expertise: Quality-by-Design, Design of Experiments, Data Analysis, Data-driven Modeling, Control Strategy 
  • Our Application Fields: Nanomedicine, Drug Development, Medical Devices, Bioproduction, In Vitro Diagnostic 


Quality by Design Platform

To better control the development timeline of your innovative product ...



  • Service in Design of Experiments

  • Service in Data Analysis


Soft & SaaS

Tailor-made development of soft &SaaS platforms


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Céline Barraud


Plateforme upstream du département

Bioprocess Recherche et Developement

" Thanks to depth attentiveness and comprehension of client’s needs, Cybernano is a reliable partner that delivers on time and complete outcomes. Highly competent in biological data modeling and analyses, the team shares their knowledge with pedagogy. "


Our primary motivation is to contribute to the development of innovative solutions to treat cancers and viral infections. Our expertise in Quality-by-Design allows you to better assess and control risks throughout the development phase.


CYBERnano’s staff is involved several Research programs in which we are developing innovative statistical methods for the design of experiments, data analysis and data-driven modeling to solve problems of detection, prediction, classification and optimization. Our computational solutions are used in risk assessment studies, preclinical analysis, process optimization, quality control and control strategy.


We look forward to meeting you and working closely with you to solve your challenges.



Our team is composed of PhD and engineers in data science and computer science.

We are dynamic, responsive and motivated to meet your unmet needs. 

Thierry Bastogne

Co-Founder, Scientific Expert in Biostatistics and Nano-informatics

Muriel Barberi-Heyob


Expert in Nano-Cancerology

Sophie Pinel

Co-Founder, Expert in

Experimental Cancerology

Lucie Hassler



Levy Batista

Data Scientist


Yaël Kolasa

Computer Scientist


Rémy Pallabot

Computer Scientist

Apprentice Engineer

Martin Jossic

Computer Scientist

Apprentice Engineer

Jérémie Exter

Business Developer


Julia Budzinski


Trainee Engineer

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Thierry Bastogne of CYBERnano and Roger-Marc Nicoud of Ypso-Facto

will present on 25th March a Webinar 
"Associating digital tools and QbD to speed-up process development"



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